1- Description of rented premises

All the houses proposed by Tahiti In Style, have been selected by our services. Descriptions are fully and faithfully summarized on our website. If in spite of such multiple precautions, your rental did not match the given description, the lessor may not be held responsible for a defect due to the owner’s concealment, omission, hidden defect, etc.)

Conversely, Tahiti In Style, acting as an agent may not be held responsible if modifications affecting the rented property, its environment or its availability, had not been communicated to Tahiti In Style by the owner before the reservation date, or between the reservation date and the arrival date.

Please note that some of the rentals that appear on our website are directly managed by their owner or administrator (booking, payment, welcome and departure, ...), in this case , the general rental terms of Tahiti In Style are not applied. Instead, other general rental terms might be applied by the owner or administrator.

2- Property’s capacity

The number of persons occupying the property must absolutely not exceed the number of beds mentioned on the invoice. Should the number of planned occupants be higher, the RENTER promises to ask for Tahiti In Style’s prior agreement. Any additional person unauthorized by Tahiti In Style will be invoiced as a supplement.

3- Animals

Animals are welcome only inasmuch as their presence has been requested and accepted during the inscription.

4- Rental’s duration

The number of rental nights is THREE (3) nights minimum, except in case of special mention.

The stay may not exceed the number of nights indicated on the invoice, except in case of written agreement by TAHITI IN STYLE. The total amount of rent shall remain acquired by TAHITI IN STYLE should the RENTER decide to shorten the length of his rental.

At the beginning of the rental period, TAHITI IN STYLE or its Agent shall give to the RENTER the keys and the instructions relative to the property.

The RENTER may not, under any circumstances, claim a right to remain in the rental property at the expiration of the rental period covered in this contract. In case of unauthorized excess of the rental period of more than two (2) hours relative to the date and time indicated on the invoice, a full night shall be invoiced to the RENTER.

5- Arrivals – Departures


Check-in time starts at 3:00 pm. When you make reservation, we will ask you to tell us your exact arrival time, so one of our agents can wait for you on the premises or hand over the keys at an agreed place overall. Should you be late, we will ask you to inform us so that we can reschedule. With the contract, which will be sent to you, directions will be attached and the phone number of the person to notify in case of delay. A supplement of € 35 (or 4,180 XPF) will be charged if you arrive after 8:00 pm. If the property is not occupied the night before, we let you have the possibility of arriving before 3:00 pm. Please contact us if this applies to you, we will gladly comply with your request.


Since an agent must wait to welcome you, should you be late, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible. Any delay exceeding an hour will be invoiced € 35 (or 4,180 XPF).


The departure check out/return of the keys must take place before 11:00 am. At a time agreed upon (at your arrival), our representative will meet you onsite to inspect the premises and receive the keys. Should the property not be occupied on the following night we give you the possibility to remain in the premises until 3:00 pm. In order to plan our schedule, please contact our services. They will let you know if you can stay or not. 

Failure to return the keys, or to be present at checkout time may lead to legal action.

6- Rent

Rent amount and payment

To obtain the total amount for the agreed upon rental, please see your invoice.

Our prices include (except if otherwise specified):

Our prices do not include (except if otherwise specified) house cleaning after your departure, however we can take care of it in your place and at your cost. The exit house cleaning varies with each property in function of its surface, please contact us.

House linen is supplied when you arrive. Any washing of linen during your stay will be the RENTER’s exclusive responsibility.

Down payment

A down payment of THIRTY percent (30%) of the overall amount of your rental must be paid at the time of reservation in order to confirm that reservation. The € 35 (or 4,180 XPF) administrative fee is also due at the time of reservation. The down payment may be paid in various ways:

Bank account data:


Bank Code

Branch Code

Account N°






In case of bank transfer or check, the reservation will be kept for 72h while waiting for the payment. After 72h, if payment has not been made, the reservation is cancelled and the property’s availability will no longer be guaranteed.

As soon as the down payment is received, an email will confirm the reservation and its details.

Balance payment:

The RENTER promises then to pay the balance of the rental amount to TAHITI IN STYLE within a maximum period of THIRTY (30) days before the scheduled arrival time.

No key will be given without full payment for your stay.

Reservation less than 30 days before the date of arrival:

If the reservation is made less than 30 days before the date of arrival in the premises, payment in full for the rental will be required at the time of reservation.

Administrative fee:

You will be invoiced € 35 (or 4,180 XPF) for your reservation. This allows us to maintain a high level of service. Our company will not invoice you for bank transactions or supplements arising from arrivals or departures on holidays and Sundays.

Security deposit

The RENTER will owe to TAHITI IN STYLE a security deposit in addition to the rent. This security deposit varies with each property and is due and payable at reservation time. It will not be debited from the RENTER’s account subject to the exit inspection.

For this purpose, the RENTER will fill out and sign an authorization to debit his bank card at the time of reservation or give us a local check.

The purpose of the security deposit is to cover repairs or reconditioning which could become necessary after the RENTER’s departure. The security deposit must not be considered as part of the rent payment.

If no degradation is noticed during the exit inspection, the security deposit will be returned by TAHITI IN STYLE to the RENTER at the latest within the week following the departure date.

In the opposite case, the security deposit balance will be returned to the RENTER, after repairs costs have been deducted, within a maximum 2-month period following the departure date.

The amount of repairs shall be determined amicably between TAHITI IN STYLE and the RENTER. In case of dispute, a repairs estimate will be prepared by a professional or other qualified organization at the choice of TAHITI IN STYLE and independent from it. The RENTER promises to pay the extra cost if the cost of repairs was to exceed the security deposit.

7- TAHITI IN STYLE’s duties

The main duties of TAHITI IN STYLE are as follows:

- To deliver to the RENTER the premises in good condition of use and repairs, as well as the equipments mentioned in the contract in good operating condition;

- To ensure for the RENTER a peaceful enjoyment of the premises and, notwithstanding the provisions of Article 1721 of the Civil Code, to guaranty that the premises are free from the faults or defects which could prevent such enjoyment;

- To maintain the premises in the condition to be used as expected and to make all necessary repairs other than rent related;

8- RENTER’s duties

The RENTER promises to occupy the property only for private purposes during his tourism or professional related stay. Under no circumstances, the property is to be used for commercial, artisanal or professional activities. 

The property must be occupied by the signers of this contract and the persons accompanying him within the limit of the number of persons that the property can accommodate.

The RENTER and the persons with him promise that they would not engage in any action that could affect the tranquility of other occupants of the building, the neighborhood, the parceling and in general of his neighbors. Co-ownership rules apply to the RENTER.

The RENTER shall take the rented premises in their present condition and shall maintain them in good condition of rent related repairs during the entire duration of this contact. He/she will be held responsible for degradations and losses occurring during the duration of the contract in the promises of which he/she has the exclusive enjoyment, unless he/she proves that they occurred in a case of force majeure, by TAHITI IN STYLE’s fault or by the action of third parties who were not invited in the premises.

The replacement, repair or the servicing of materiel or accessories attached to the rented property are the exclusive responsibility of the RENTER if he/she is responsible of such loss or deterioration.

Any degradation, intentional or not, caused by the RENTER during his/her stay will be invoiced to him/her.

The RENTER shall not have any recourse against TAHITI IN STYTHE in case of theft and depredations in the rented premises.

The RENTER also promises not to bring or let anyone bring any nuisance to the neighborhood. The sound level of musical reproduction devices, of radio and television must be adjusted so as not to disturb the neighbors. In any case all noises, regardless of their cause, are forbidden from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.  To not use any machines or devices, which could bring to the neighborhood any nuisances such as bad odors, filthiness, vibrations, trepidations and noises or of any other manner.

The RENTER’s duty is to return the property in the condition in which he/she found it. Otherwise, invoices relative to repairs will be deducted from the security deposit.

The property subject of this contract must be returned in the condition of cleanliness in which it was delivered to the RENTER.

TAHITI IN STYLE cannot be held responsible for water, gas or electricity shut-offs, for theft or damages to personal property and for nuisances from the neighbors.

9- Premises condition report and inventory

Both parties shall prepare a premises exit condition report covering the property, the furniture and items made available to the RENTER. This condition report and the inventory will be prepared in the presence of both parties.

If the premises condition report and the inventory are not prepared and signed by TAHITI IN STYLE, or its representative, and the RENTER simultaneously (agreed condition report and inventory), the premises condition report and the inventory prepared by TAHITI IN STYLE alone and delivered to the RENTER when he/she arrived in the property may be challenged within 48 hours following the occupation of the property. If there is no challenge by the RENTER within this 48-hour period, the premises condition report and the inventory prepared by TAHITI IN STYLE and communicated to the RENTER when he/she leaves the premises shall be deemed accepted without reservation by the RENTER.

The exit property condition report of the previous renter shall be used as the arrival premises condition report of the RENTER.

In the absence of premises condition report and/or inventory at the end of a rental period or if the RENTER alone prepares the condition report and/or inventory at the end of the rental period, the absence of challenge by TAHITI IN STYLE within 48 hours following the end of the rental period shall be deemed as a return of the premises in good condition and/or complete inventory.

10- Insurance

The RENTER promises to supply to TAHITI IN STYLE, at the time of reservation, a certificate of Civil Liability insurance (covering damages caused by carelessness or negligence).

Should the RENTER be unable to supply a certificate of Civil Liability insurance, he/she will have to purchase the multi-risk insurance proposed by TAHITI IN STYLE. For more information concerning our insurances, please click here.

11- Rental modification - cancellation

Modifications to your reservation:

These are modifications to the date of arrival or departure. If such modification occurs 45 days before the schedule date of arrival you will not be charged. If the modification occurs less than 45 days and given our cancellation policy below, you will be charged an additional € 35 (or 4,180 XPF) cost.

Cancellation initiated by Tahiti In Style:

In case unforeseen circumstances (fire – damages – burglary – sale, etc.) make the property subject of this contract inaccessible, TAHITI IN STYLE promises to relocate you in a property of identical or superior category located as close as possible to the property that you would have chosen, without changing anything in terms of date or price. If such exchange cannot be done, the total of the sum received by us will be reimbursed to you. TAHITI IN STYLE may, under no circumstance, be subjected to an indemnity claim.

Any cancellation of this contract by TAHITI IN STYLE before the arrival date will be notified to the RENTER as soon as possible.

Cancellation conditions – Cancellation penalty:

In case of cancellation of this seasonal rental contract, the RENTER promises to inform TAHITI IN STYLE of his/her decision as soon as possible by registered mail with proof of delivery, being specified that no cancellation will be taken into account if communicated by telephone. The date of reception determines the cost of cancellation according to the following schedule (except in case of duly justified force majeure).

This schedule does not apply to many cases of cancellation covered by insurance (cancellation, water and fire damage, property degradation, etc.) that you can purchase from our Agency, such insurance is facultative and its cost is calculated fairly in function of the amount of your rent.

If your cancellation occurs more than 45 days before your date of arrival: reimbursement of the received down payment and no cancellation cost.

If the cancellation occurs between 45 days and 30 days before the scheduled date of arrival in the premises, the cancellation fee will be equal to 30% of the amount of your rent (i.e. the amount of down payment).

If the cancellation occurs between 30 days and the scheduled date of arrival in the premises: the cancellation fee will be equal to 100% of the amount of your rent and associated services.

It is specified that in all cases of cancellation, the administrative cost remains acquired to the TAHITI IN STYLE Agency.

When receiving the cancellation, the present contract shall be deemed null and void with full rights and TAHITI IN STYLE may dispose of the rented property.

12- Cancellation of the contract

This contract shall be deemed cancelled with full rights and TAHITI IN STYLE may dispose of the rented property:


13- Inclusive indemnities in case of legal action

Any legal action shall be charged to the RENTER.

14- Dispute settlement

In case of dispute over this contract, or for all dispute arising from its execution, only the tribunals of French Polynesia shall have jurisdiction.

15- Declaration of residence

For the execution of this contract and its following documents, the parties declare residency in their indicated home office and residence.


The 10 Tahiti In Style commitments


1- Quality, availability and reactivity
In addition to a clear and detailed website, Tahiti In Style promises to be available by email to guarantee a quick quality answer to your booking request.

2- Simplicity
Tahiti In Style is committed to making your choice easier by organizing and displaying a clear overview of useful information for your stay.

3- Expertness
Tahiti In Style undertakes to offer you the best in terms of housing choices but also in terms of concierge or excursion associated services. Ours suppliers and partners follow rigorous specifications and all of them are experts in their spheres of activity.

4- Advice and choice
Tahiti In Style is committed to providing travel advice that will allow you to take full advantage of our islands.


5- Respect of the budget
Tahiti In Style undertakes to provide a range of accommodation and services accessible to various kind of budgets, from the luxurious residence to the “Robinson”-type bungalow, including houses or flats. You also have the possibility to rent an entire private island or a yacht.

6- Secure payment
The deposit payment is a regular practice for seasonal rental. The guarantee of a secure payment and of the correct access to the rental is essential. Tahiti In Style is committed to offering you a secure website for Internet payment and to protect your personal data.

7- Property inspection
Tahiti In Style undertakes a clear and faithful property inspection ensuring you have an untroubled and transparent beginning and end of stay.




8- Insurance
Our insurance is made to offer you a pleasant stay in complete safety.

9- Assistance

To deal with unexpected things or simply answer your wishes, Tahiti In Style is committed to being available in order to guide and help you throughout your stay.

10-Answer to your claims
Our core competence is to satisfy your needs. Tahiti In Style undertakes to listen to your needs and to carry out self-examination permanently to upgrade its services. We are committed to answering your claims within 30 day.